Common Repairs Your Tankless Water Heater Will Need

Common Repairs Your Tankless Water Heater Will Need

4 January 2021
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A tankless water heater can be a popular option for individuals to choose for supplying their home with a steady source of hot water. These systems will typically be more efficient and have a much higher capacity than traditional water heaters, but there are several problems that they could still encounter.

Electrical Failures

Many tankless water heaters are electrical, and problems with the electrical components of the system can be a serious issue that will require the services of a professional tankless water heater repair contractor. In addition to being highly disruptive to the performance of the water heater, electrical problems can also be extremely difficult to diagnose and they can also be hazardous for you to attempt to repair. Considering that a tankless water heater repair contractor will be able to easily repair these issues while avoiding these problems, it will be unnecessary for you to attempt these complicated repairs.

Mineral Deposits Inside The Tankless System

Mineral deposits forming on the interior of the tankless water heater can be another common source of major disruptions for the system. These deposits can collect along the interior of the tubes that transport water through the system. Unfortunately, these accumulations can actually harden, and this will make it much more difficult to remove them. However, a tankless water heater repair service will have solvents that can be safely used to flush the tankless water heater so that these minerals will be dissolved. Failing to have this repair done can decrease both the flow of water through the tankless system's tubing as well as the temperature that the water reaches due to these accumulations acting like insulation.

Leaks In The Tankless Water Heater's Tubes Or Connections

A tankless water heater system will use a series of tubes in order to transport water over heating elements. This process can allow these systems to rapidly warm the water to the desired temperature. Unfortunately, this tubing can develop leaks that can contribute to extensive water damage and a decrease in water pressure. In addition to developing leaks in the tubing, it can also be possible for these systems to develop leaks at major connections. While these problems can create bigger issues and contribute to sizable damages to the home, it is often fairly simple to repair these issues. For example, many leaks around the connections of the system may be corrected by replacing a faulty seal.

For more information, contact a tankless water heater repair service. 

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