Can Your Tankless Hot Water Heater Be Fixed?

Can Your Tankless Hot Water Heater Be Fixed?

1 December 2020
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Tankless hot water heaters are commonly loved and valued because they put out an endless supply of hot water. But what if you one day turn on your hot water only to have cold water come out of the tap? Something is wrong with your tankless water heater. Luckily, it should not be too hard to fix. Take a look a the following common problems and how they are usually repaired.

Blocked Exhaust

Tankless hot water heaters need to have an exhaust pipe. This allows any extra hot air to escape the system rather than being trapped inside the pipes. If this exhaust gets blocked, most modern tankless water heaters have a safety mechanism that kicks in and keeps the unit from heating. A tankless water heater repair service can locate the exhaust blockage. Often, it's just a bird's nest or some dust stuck at the opening of the exhaust vent. They can remove the blockage and reset the water heater so that it starts working again.

Faulty Gas Valve

If you have a gas-powered water heater, it's possible that it is not getting enough gas to burn due to a faulty gas valve. If the valve is only partway open, for instance, this will keep the flame from getting large enough or hot enough to warm your water. A repair technician may need to replace the valve or make some repairs to ensure it stays open. The parts for these repairs only cost a few dollars, so the repairs are well worth making.

Mineral Buildup

As water flows through your hot water heater day after day, some minerals settle out of the water and accumulate in the hot water heater. This mineral buildup interferes with the tank's ability to heat your water. (The minerals absorb a lot of the heat so the water doesn't get warm.) 

To get rid of mineral buildup, a repair tech can flush your water heater with a special, mineral-dissolving solution. Then, they will probably recommend that you install a water softener to keep this problem from happening again. Water will flow through the water softener, which will remove the minerals before the water flows into the hot water heater.

If your tankless hot water heater is not working, don't worry. Most problems that occur with these appliances are easily diagnosed and treated. Call a water heater repair technician in your area, and have them come take a look.

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