2 Ways To Get Your Slow Drain Running Again

2 Ways To Get Your Slow Drain Running Again

6 November 2020
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A slow or clogged drain is a frustrating situation. It makes doing just about anything in that sink or tub difficult, and it can even start to cause problems with other drains, depending on what drain and where it is in relation to the rest of your plumbing system. That's why you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to clear the drain out so that you can get it draining fully again. There are a few things that you can do on your own to try and clear it.

Drain Cleaners

One thing you can do is to go to the store and pick up some drain cleaning chemicals. You can generally find these in the plumbing department, but you may have to visit the household chemicals aisle instead. There are a number of types of drain cleaner out there, so you will need to make sure that you are getting the one that will work best for you. If you have a septic system instead of a sewer connection, make sure that the drain cleaner you get is septic tank friendly. You don't want to ruin your septic tank while you are trying to get your drain clean. There are two-part cleaners that will foam up to clean the sides of the pipes as it slides down the drain. If your drain is just being slow, this may be a good option for you. Other drain cleaners are more designed to get rid of a clog. No matter what kind you use, make sure to follow the safety guidelines, and use the drain cleaner the way that you are supposed to. 


If you have tried a number of things and you still can't get your drain running, you can always call a plumber. They are going to have tools that you might not have, which can make it easier for them to clean out your pipes. Before they do anything, tell them if you used any drain cleaning chemicals, what kind, and how long ago you used them. The plumber will need to know that information so that they can take proper precautions. One thing that the plumber can do is to send a special brush tool down the drain which will scrape off the sides as it is fed down the drain. 

If you have a slow drain, you want to get it working as soon as possible. Contact a drain cleaning service for more information.

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