Do I Need Drain Jetting In My Home?

Do I Need Drain Jetting In My Home?

3 November 2020
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Though most homeowners enjoy doing some type of DIY activity around their homes to make minor repairs and perform simple maintenance, there are some occasions in which you need a professional to handle a certain issue. Clearing your drains of stubborn clogs may be a scenario where you think you can handle yourself, but if you see any of the signs listed below, you should have a professional drain jetting solution clean it for you. These types of services, such as hydro jet drain cleaning, use high pressurized water systems to not only clear your pipes of the clog, but can also clean the inside of the pipes as well, which makes your system run more efficiently in the long run.

Stubborn Clogs

If you've tried conventional DIY methods to clear your drains, such as hot water and soap mixtures and wire hangers, but the pipe is still not draining properly, then you need to contact a plumber to perform drain jetting services instead. The plumber will use a snake to locate the source of the clog (especially if it's deep down inside the drain) and use pressurized water to punch through the blockage and allow water to freely pass through.

Too Many Clogs

Localized clogs inside of one pipe are not usually a big deal. Multiple pipes that are clogged, however, can be an indication that your main sewer line is clogged, instead of the smaller pipes that run to it. To clean this, you'll need specialized equipment to get deep down inside the drains and clear clogs using high-pressure water. You can't obtain this type of equipment at your local hardware store, so you'll need to hire professional drain jetting service to come and do this type of work for you.

Clogs Reforming

Clogs that reform periodically are more than just a headache, they can also be a sign that your pipes are dirtier than you think. Over time, debris such as grease and hair can latch onto the inside linings of your pipes and catch other debris, creating clogs. Over-the-counter solutions will simply punch through these blockages and allow water to pass through, but services like hydro jet drain cleaning will scrub the walls of the pipes to remove the initial debris that's causing the blockages to form in the first place. This ensures that your repair bills don't stack up over time as you keep having to call for drain services on your home.

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