Don't Let Plumbing Problems Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Don't Let Plumbing Problems Ruin Your Thanksgiving Dinner

26 October 2020
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The plumbing problems that happen over holidays can ruin any dinner, and you want to avoid these issues. The problem is that sometimes these issues cannot be avoided. This Thanksgiving, you may want help dealing with these problems. How are you going to deal with plumbing problems before the turkey is ready?

Drain blockages getting worse

The blockage of drains, sewers, and septic lines can get worse as the weather outside gets cooler. This can cause a serious problem when the weather gets worse and cold outside. Some things that can be done to deal with blockages before Thanksgiving include:

  • Use natural drain cleaning solutions
  • Have the pipes cleared with jetting services
  • Use pipe auger equipment to clear blockages

When the plumbing drains begin to back up, you want to have them cleared before dinner is served. Try to take care of these problems before Thanksgiving to avoid plumbing emergencies when the turkey is ready.

Leaking and sweating water lines

The water lines can also cause problems during Thanksgiving dinner. The first problem that you may be thinking about is leaking pipes, but it is not the only problem. Some of the water line issues that you may need to have repaired during the holidays include:

  • Pipes and mechanical systems that sweat
  • Loose connections that are leaking
  • Problems with damaged pipes leaking

When you have a problem with pipes leaking, it is going to get worse if you have a house full of guests. Make sure that these issues do not turn into serious problems by having them repaired before guests arrive.

Dropping temperatures and plumbing damage

As the temperatures begin to drop, it may be getting colder when you are ready for a holiday dinner with family and friends. This can also be a time when you have more problems with severe leaks, pipes bursting, and energy loss. Some things that can be done to prevent problems when temperatures begin to drop include:

  • Move pipes that are vulnerable to cold air
  • Insulate exterior water lines (insulate hot water lines to reduce energy loss)
  • Replace materials that are vulnerable to cold weather damage

When the temperatures get colder, insulating the vulnerable lines can help protect against damage.

When there is a problem with your household plumbing, you want to deal with these issues before they turn into a big mess. Call an emergency plumber for help when your turkey is in the oven, and the pipes are overflowing.

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