3 Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems That Need A Plumbing Contractor

3 Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems That Need A Plumbing Contractor

5 October 2020
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Most kitchen activities depend on your home's plumbing systems. Therefore, a slight issue can lead to inconveniences. Fortunately, plumbing contractors can fix most of the problems, and you can avoid the inconveniences if you hire a professional early enough. Here are three common kitchen plumbing problems that need the attention of a plumbing contractor.

1. Leaky Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen faucet drips can lead to loss of gallons of water. Therefore, if you notice your kitchen faucet is leaking, you should immediately get help from a plumber. This could be due to a damaged O-ring, gasket, or washer. When these parts corrode or become loose, they won't stop water from flowing out.

Most people believe that they can repair a leaky faucet after watching a few online tutorials. However, you may not be able to fix the root problem. A plumbing contractor knows how to identify the defective part and correct or replace it.

The plumber will also clean sediments from the faucet's screen as a maintenance strategy to prevent the problem's reoccurrence. Therefore, don't ignore kitchen faucet leakage as it could spike your water bills.

2. Clogged Sinks

Most of the activities in a kitchen usually take place in the sink. Therefore, when a sink is half full due to clogs, it can be very annoying. Soap scum, food particles, and grease often get trapped in the P-trap and block passage in your kitchen drains. The clogging can lead to leaks and standing water in the sink. Since the wastewater will be standing in the pipes under the sink for extended periods, the pipes and joints might corrode and deteriorate, leading to leaks.

If you use drain cleaners, the harsh chemicals might further degrade the pipe material leading to more damage. Therefore, it is vital to call a plumber to access the sink, remove all the clogs, and clean your drains. Plumbers sometimes use video inspections, and thus they will know the right places to open and quickly fix the problem.

3. Low Pressure

If your kitchen faucet releases water at low pressure, your plumbing lines might be leaking. This means that water moves from the main supply at normal pressure, but the pressure reduces when it flows to another outlet. Low pressure might also be due to a clogged aerator. A plumber will help you discover the issue and solve it.

These three kitchen plumbing problems can be frustrating, but a plumbing expert will help you solve them quickly. It is vital to get regular inspection services to avoid these and more kitchen plumbing problems.

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