Mistakes That Will Have You Calling Your Plumber Eventually

Mistakes That Will Have You Calling Your Plumber Eventually

11 June 2020
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There is nothing wrong with having to call the plumber. When you have a big plumbing leak or a clog, a plumber is the best person to fix the problem. However, if you can possibly prevent plumbing problems, that's an even better approach. So what mistakes do homeowners make that eventually lead to plumber calls? Take a look.

Misusing the garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals come in really handy. But keep in mind that they are really only intended to grind up a little bit of food waste on plates at the end of a meal. They're not intended to grind up piles of veggie scraps or a whole bag of spoiled food. There are things that should never go down the garbage disposal, too. Eggshells, coffee grounds, celery, and meat bones are things that people often put down the disposal but shouldn't. Use your garbage disposal more carefully and more sparingly, and you are less likely to have to call the plumber because your sink is clogged or the disposal has seized up.

Flushing things other than waste and toilet paper.

Waste and toilet paper are the only things that belong down your toilet. If you flush other things, like tampons, cotton swabs, and facial tissue, you will eventually find that you need to call the plumber to clear a clog. These other items simply do not break down like toilet paper, so when they get stuck in a pipe, they stay in that pipe.

Using too much drain cleaner.

When a drain slows down, do you just dump some drain cleaner down it? This might temporarily solve the problem, but it may cause a bigger problem and necessitate a call to the plumber down the road. Drain cleaner can be really hard on your pipes. It may eventually cause them to corrode and develop leaks, which are quite expensive to fix. Try to clear clogs with a plunger whenever possible. When the plunger does not work, you can reach for some boiling water or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Your pipes will thank you for being more gentle.

If you avoid the mistakes above, you are less likely to have to call a plumber for a major calamity. Take good care of your pipes and the other elements of your plumbing system, and they will take good care of you.

To learn more about how to take care of you pipes, contact a plumber.

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