Why Won'T Your Toilet Flush Properly After It's Rained?

Why Won'T Your Toilet Flush Properly After It's Rained?

27 April 2020
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It may not make much sense at first, but it's entirely possible for your plumbing to not work properly after it's rained or even during the rain. If you're going through a problem with your toilet every time it rains, it likely means that there's an issue going on outside with your sewer line. Here's what you should know.

Problem with the Sewer Line

The sewer line, if you don't know, is a massive pipe that extends from your house to the sewer entrance in the street. It carries away everything you flush down the toilet and run down the drains in your sinks, tub, dishwasher, and washing machine. Most sewer lines do their jobs without the need for maintenance, but when something goes wrong with one, it quickly becomes apparent inside, even if you didn't know that's what's going on.

What's Happening

The problem that's going on with your sewer line could be one of three things.

The first problem — and the easiest to fix — is that the sewer itself is backing up into your sewer line. This usually happens when the sewer floods from an excess of water. In this instance, cleaning out your sewer line to prevent clogs and to ensure a proper flow of water going from your home to the sewer line should fix the problem.

Another possible problem is that your sewer line has developed a crack. A simple crack is all it takes for a sewer line to start filling up with rainwater. This rainwater typically drains through the ground first and reaches the sewer line after, which is part of the reason why people often have issues after it's rained and not during the rain.

Alternatively, your sewer line may be broken. This is rare, but it can happen due to age or stress on the pipe, like a sudden shift of the earth.

What to Do

If you're having problems with not being able to flush your toilets during the rain or anything else going wrong with your plumbing during the rain, you should contact a plumber for help. Only plumbers are able to inspect sewer lines effectively and efficiently. Your plumber will use a camera to scope out the inside to look for blockages, cracks, and breaks in the pipe. From there, they'll be able to offer you a solution that will either include cleaning, fixing, or replacing the pipe entirely.

Contact a local plumber today for more information.

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