Tips For Removing An Electric Water Heater Prior To Replacement

Tips For Removing An Electric Water Heater Prior To Replacement

12 December 2019
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Did you discover water on the floor around your water heater? If so, this means you need to start by removing the old tank to replace it. These tips can help you with removing a broken electric water heater.

Know The Tank's Size

It helps to know what kind of water heater you need when shopping for your replacement. Check out the manufacturing information on the side of the tank to find out more information about your tank. If you are happy with the hot water performance in your home and don't ever run out of hot water, you should see how many gallons the tank holds and buy a similarly sized unit. Buying a unit that is the same size will also help speed up the replacement process.

Make Note Of The Wires And Disconnect Them

Start by shutting down the electricity running to the tank at the circuit breaker. Before disconnecting the old hot water heater, it will help to take photos of the wires so you know how everything was connected. This will help to know in case the previous installer didn't use the right colored wires to hook up the hot water heater. Now you can disconnect all electrical wires going to the tank at this point to ensure it is shut down.

Drain The Tank

You should open a hot water faucet in your home and let the water run until your water temperature becomes cool. Then you need to turn off your cold water supply going into the tank, since it is mostly cold water in the tank. You can connect a hose directly to the spigot on the tank and then drain the remaining water in the tank into a nearby drain or a bucket. If you leave other faucets open in your home, the tank should drain faster.

Remove The Pipes

There will be several pipes going into your hot water tank that need to be removed. There will be a pipe coming out of the temperature and pressure relief valve that needs to be removed. While the pipe going to the valve can be reused, that old valve will need to be replaced on your new hot water tank. You should also disconnect the water supply pipe going into the tank at this point.

Now you are ready to install your brand new hot water heater. Reach out to a local plumber in your area for assistance if necessary. The water heater installation company may even offer to remove your old water heater for you. 

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