Troubleshooting Tips For Clogged Drains

Troubleshooting Tips For Clogged Drains

22 October 2019
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Taking care of the plumbing inside your care not only extends the life expectancy of it, but it also saves you in repair costs. It is pretty simple to take good care of the plumbing system. Most of it is just common sense: don't flush things that shouldn't be flushed or empty certain things down the drains. However, there are times when you do all you can to prevent problems and it still happens. This is especially common if you have young children who may not know better and think that the toilet is an excellent dumping ground for toys and other objects. Use this guide to learn proper guidelines for using the system and how to fix common issues.

Shower and Sink Drains

Is the drain on your sinks or showers not draining the water or taking a very long time to drain it? This happens when you have a clog in the plumbing connected to that drain. Look inside and see if you can see anything that would be clogging it. If you can grab it, do so. Otherwise, you will need to use other methods to get rid of it. The first step is to use a plunger to try to dislodge it. It may take a few minutes of plunging before it works. Another thing you can try is buying products that are designed to break up clogs. Follow the instructions on the specific product. If you still cannot get the clog out, a professional will be needed to remove it.


Toilets clogs are a very common occurrence. It usually happens when someone flushes something down it that should never be flushed. It can also happen if someone uses an excessive amount of toilet paper and it creates a clog. In order to prevent clogs, this is a list of things that should never go in the toilet:

  • Paint or paint thinner

  • Grease

  • Oil

  • Paper towels or napkins

  • Sanitary pads or tampons

  • Baby wipes

  • Kitty litter

  • Coffee grounds

Toilet paper is designed to break down in the septic system. The above items are not. That's why they will cause a clog. Plungers are the best way to remove clogs from the toilet.


When the clog is too deep in the system, you will have to call a plumber to dislodge it. They can use a plumber's snake and feed it into the pipes until it finds the clog. Don't try to do this yourself as you may damage the pipes if you do not know what you are doing.

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