How To Find And Fix A Leak In Your House

How To Find And Fix A Leak In Your House

19 August 2019
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You rely on your home's plumbing to bring you fresh water and carry dirty water and waste away from your house. However, your plumbing can occasionally develop problems. Here are four steps you can use to find and fix a leak in your home's pipes:

1. Keep an eye out for signs of leaks.

Some leaks are easy to spot. A running faucet makes an audible noise, and you can see the drips it creates. Other leaks are more difficult to notice. Make an effort to inspect the pipes in your house every so often. The pipes beneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks can spring a leak, which can lead to mold and water damage. You should also look for less obvious signs of leaks. Some leaks are invisible to the naked eye. You will notice these leaks by a sudden increase in your water bill without a corresponding increase in your water usage. Alternatively, you may notice diminished water pressure in your sink or shower.

2. Hire a leak detection service.

If you have an elevated water bill and can't find the source of the leak on your own, you should call a leak detection service like Professional Plumbing. A leak detection service will be able to use specialized tools to find the leak in your house, wherever it might be. In many cases, a pipe within your home's walls is leaking. Left untreated, water damage can cause mold to grow inside your walls, which can pollute your home's air. Water damage can also cause your walls to buckle and warp. Leak detection services take advantage of electronic leak detecting machinery; these machines can find leaking pipes inside your walls without causing damage to the walls themselves.

3. Have your pipe repaired.

A leaking pipe is usually caused by damage to the pipe itself. In order to fix the problem, you will need to have your pipe repaired. In order to get to the source of the problem, your plumber will need to remove a small section of your wall with a saw. Once this is completed, they will cut out the affected portion of the pipe. This faulty piece of pipe will be replaced by a new piece, and it will be attached in place using a pipe sleeve.

4. Repair and repaint your wall.

Once the leak has stopped, you'll need to have your wall repaired. Fortunately, drywall is easy to patch with the right tools. You may want to hire a mold remediation service if the leak was ongoing for a long time. You will know if this is necessary if you see patches of black spots inside your walls.

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