Healthy Home Sewers: Four Tips For Homeowners

Healthy Home Sewers: Four Tips For Homeowners

13 November 2018
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A good plumbing system is critical for a healthy home. Without the ability to conveniently pipe in fresh water and safely expel waste liquids and solids out through a network of drains, simple tasks like bathing, cleaning, and laundry instantly become much more difficult. This is why it is so important for homeowners to take steps to help keep their sewer system operating properly.  If you are wondering what you can do to keep your home's sewer system operating efficiently, here are some tips to help you succeed. 

Eliminate excess grease in the kitchen

Grease buildup is one of the worst problems for all types of drain lines. Even large cities must deal with this problem in the massive pipes that make up their sewer systems. Homeowners can reduce the impact of grease in their drain systems by taking the following actions: 

  • Draining excess grease and oil into sealable containers or plastic bags, allowing it to harden, and then placing it in the outgoing trash
  • Refraining from using oily liquids in the shower or bath 
  • Refraining from washing greasy clothing 

Even tiny amounts of grease can build up over time as they cool and form hard plugs of grease. Avoiding problems by keeping grease and oily liquids out of the drain system is the best option. 

Limit landscaping near the drains

The invading roots of nearby plants and trees can quickly enter and block the openings in drain lines, making it impossible for wastewater to flow through. Even a few roots can latch onto waste paper and solids and form difficult clogs. Homeowners who want to enjoy a working, problem-free drain system should avoid planting vegetation in the area where their drain lines are located. 

Replace outdated or problematic drain lines

Older homes that still have old-fashioned clay or compressed fiber drain lines are much more at risk to experience a stopped-up drain system. Homeowners who know their drain lines consist of these materials should make plans to upgrade their system as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary sewer problems. 

Invest in an annual drain cleaning

Sewer drain problems can crop up quickly. A good way to help slash the risk of experiencing them is to schedule annual maintenance with a sewer service.  This will ensure that your drain lines remain clear of clogs and other issues. To learn more about caring for your home's drain system, contact a reputable sewer or septic service in your area. 

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