Trouble Flushing Your Toilet? Find Out What Could Cause Such A Problem

Trouble Flushing Your Toilet? Find Out What Could Cause Such A Problem

1 November 2018
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Is your toilet suddenly not working properly? When you attempt to flush it, the contents of the toilet may not go down all the way, leaving you with a toilet bowl that is still filled with a lot of toilet paper. Having this type of issue could quickly become more problematic and can lead to a clogged toilet if half of the toilet paper you are using is not going down the drain. It is necessary to figure out what is preventing the toilet from flushing properly so that you can have it repaired and then use it again without any problems.

Trouble With the Flapper

There are two common issues that could potentially be going wrong at this point. The flapper is a piece of equipment that is found in the tank behind the toilet. It may be broken or damaged in some way, which would keep the toilet from flushing properly. If the flapper is the issue, a toilet repair professional can look at the valve drain to determine the exact size of the replacement flapper that is needed. The next step involves carefully removing the old flapper and installing the new one. The repair expert can perform a test run to make sure that your toilet flushes smoothly after putting in a replacement flapper.

Toilet Blockage

The other reason your toilet may not flush everything down the drain in the way that it should is that there is some sort of a blockage going on inside the toilet. The blockage may be caused by something that fell into the toilet drain, or it may be an accumulation of toilet paper and wipes that have been used by people over the span of days, weeks, and even months. If you have a blockage, you will need to have all the junk inside your toilet removed by a professional. While handling the blockage, the water supply to your toilet may be shut off to prevent an overflow of water from getting all over your bathroom floor and causing water damage.

If you flush your toilet and not much is going down the drain, you will need to get help from a toilet repair expert because the problem will only continue to get worse and can eventually lead to a clogged toilet drain. Trouble with flushing often indicates issues with the flapper or a toilet blockage, but you can find out for sure after having a repair expert inspect the toilet before providing the proper services to fix the toilet.

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