The Truth About Flushable Wipes

The Truth About Flushable Wipes

29 October 2018
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If you walk down the bathroom product aisle in any store, you are sure to see your fair share of toilet wipe options. The wipes are convenient, fresh, and they even say that they're flushable. However, good marketing sometimes misses the mark when it comes to honesty. In fact, toilet wipes can cause a great deal of damage to your plumbing system. Before you pick up a package of these wipes the next time you visit the store, you may want to take a pause.

The Toilet Could Overflow

Flushable wipes could quickly cause your toilet to overflow. Waste that's flushed eventually flows away from your home through a series of sewage pipes. These wipes, on the other hand, will immediately flush, but they do not directly flow through the sewage system. They tend to rest over the drain until they dissolve, which, in some instances, they don't at all.

The next time you use the toilet, if the wipe is still in place, it will prevent some of the waste from flowing through the drain. When you think about using the toilet multiple times, a great deal of waste can collect over the drain. The waste collection will create an obstruction that can eventually cause the toilet to fill and overflow all over the bathroom floor.

Septic Drainage Issues May Arise

Flushable wipes are equally troublesome for homes with septic systems. While the fact that the wipes are not always biodegradable is one issue, the other problem is that wipes can sometimes combine with other non-safe items in the tank, such as dental floss and cotton swabs.

As these items combine, the larger structure created increases the chance of a clog forming inside the tank. Just like the toilet, if a clog forms, the flow of wastewater through the tank is affected. However, with a septic tank, not only could the water back up into your home, but the issue could even lead to a backup of the drain field and cause damage to the tank.

Always play it safe. If you prefer to use these wipes, you don't necessarily have to stop, but you should always dispose of these wipes in the trash no matter what the label says. However, if you've used these wipes in the past and now you're experiencing problems, it's time to contact a plumber. Any problems caused by the wipes will not self-repair. Get a plumber out to your home right away. Companies like Ez Flow Plumbing can help.

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