HVAC Maintenance Tips Before Winter

HVAC Maintenance Tips Before Winter

26 October 2018
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Winter is a terrible time to find yourself without a properly functioning heating system. Although your heating system may have served you well during the previous winter, there is no guarantee that it will even start up this time around. The secret to a more reliable heating system is regular and proper HVAC system maintenance. What maintenance steps can you take to ensure your heating system is in good condition?

Replace or Clean the Filters

Air filters remove contaminants from the air before they enter the heating system. However, these filters will become clogged after a certain period of time. The filters can also become clogged when the heating system isn't in use since dust can settle on it more easily. Clogged filters can cause your furnace to overheat or fail completely. These should be cleaned or replaced as required.

Clean Air Vents

Many people remember to clean their air filters but forget about the air vents. The air vents are what carry air into the building, and if the dust inside isn't cleaned regularly, you could have indoor air quality problems. Dust and other debris can also cause blockage of the air vents, and this can affect the effectiveness of your heating system.

Ensure Your Heating System Is Insulated

A poorly insulated heating system can cost you a lot of money in heating bills. The air traveling from the furnace into your home can lose a lot of heat through poorly insulated ducts before it reaches the room where it's needed. This will make your furnace work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, and this will reduce its lifespan. Check the insulation of your ducts before winter.

Cover the Outdoor Unit

Any part of your heating and cooling system that is outside the body will be exposed to the elements such as snow and ice. The rate of debris buildup will also be higher outside. If you have an outdoor unit, ensure that it's covered up during seasons when it's not in use.

Schedule Regular Inspections

A regular inspection of your heating and cooling system by a professional HVAC company can also go a long way in ensuring that it's in excellent condition. Regular inspections will ensure that any developing problem is arrested early so you can make repairs or replacement while it's still convenient. Ensure the inspection is carried out by a professional who will not fail to notice any developing problems.

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