When To Call A Plumber For Your Restaurant

When To Call A Plumber For Your Restaurant

24 October 2018
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Running a restaurant means you have to have a pristine environment for people to dine in. Not only does your food have to be amazing, but your restaurant itself also has to exceed your customers' expectations as well. Plumbing is part of what makes your business a success, and all plumbing problems — no matter how small — should be addressed right away.

Plumbing is essential to making a restaurant operate successfully. After all, you need plumbing to cook food, wash dishes, provide a clean and healthy bathroom, and to keep the establishment clean. When a plumbing fixture fails or pipes burst, you're out of business and risk putting patrons in harm's way. You want to be able to remain open during all your regular business hours, so make sure you handle the following plumbing issues right away before they become major.

Smelly drains

If drains are smelly, you not only have to deal with a stinky situation but you're also dealing with potentially bacteria-laden pipes and drains. Smelly drains are often caused by a clog, which is common in the restaurant business when it comes to plumbing. Your plumbing may be clogged with food matter or rotting debris, or you may have a foreign object lodged in your drains or pipes causing the foul odor.

Don't use regular cleaning agents like bleach to try to remove the stinky smells coming from your drains. This will likely cause your problem to be covered up but won't solve anything. Rather, hire a plumber to clean out drains by using a plumbing snake. A plumbing snake will grab all clogs that are making your drains stink. Your plumber will follow up with a commercial cleaning agent healthy for pipes.

Rusty water

Rusty water is always a concern. While the water may look bad, the taste is likely OK and water is usually safe to drink. The rust color is usually caused by sediment in the water supply your restaurant uses or rusting or deteriorated pipes.

You should call your plumber to take care of rust-colored water because the water can be unsavory for guests to drink or may cause food to look less tasty. You also don't want to put your restaurant's reputation at risk by having so-called dirty water, so call a commercial plumber to find out why your water supply has a weird color. The right plumber will be able to fix this annoying situation for you easily.

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