Four Things You Need To Check Before You Replace Your Water Heater

Four Things You Need To Check Before You Replace Your Water Heater

22 October 2018
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Residential water heater installation is not as simple a thing as you might think. In fact, there are many more steps to the process than you might have originally thought or conceded. Before you buy and attempt to install a new water heater in your home, check the following things to make sure you are buying the correct replacement water heater.

Gas or Electric

​Does your current water heater run on gas or electricity? It is a simple check, but you would be surprised to find out just how many homeowners fail to check this out before going to an appliance store to buy a new water heater. ​Look for the gas line going into the water heater and the pilot light found at the bottom of the water heater if it operates by natural gas. If not, and there are a lot of electrical wires running to the water heater, you have an electric one.

Tank Capacity

Water heaters have tank capacities. Does it hold thirty, sixty, or ninety gallons of water at any one time? You will need to replace your current water heater with a water heater that has at least the same size tank capacity. You can go larger, but you will have to make sure that the space in which your current water heater is installed is big enough to contain the larger capacity of a larger tank/water heater.


There are tall, skinny water heaters, short, fat water heaters, tall, fat water heaters, etc.. Check and measure the height of your water heater. This is key in making the proper connections between the incoming and outgoing plumbing of the home and the water heater. Too short, and the pipes cannot connect. Too tall, and the water heater scrapes the ceiling of the utility closet, crawl space, or basement. As for girth, you typically do not have to worry about that since girth indicates tank capacity.


A six-year warranty on a water heater means you will probably replace the water heater again in six to eight years. A nine-year water heater means you will not have to replace the water heater again for almost a decade. The longer the warranty, the more you will pay, but it beats having to repeat the water heater installation process again in just a few short years. It is also nice to know that if the water heater fails before the warranty is up, the water heater is replaced for free.

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