4 Must-Do AC Maintenance Tasks To Ensure You Do Not Have Problems When Spring Arrives

4 Must-Do AC Maintenance Tasks To Ensure You Do Not Have Problems When Spring Arrives

19 October 2018
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Winter will soon be here, and there is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done. You want to make sure that you are ready for spring and have no problems during summer heatwaves. Some of the maintenance that needs to be done now, includes winterizing the AC, changing filters, doing upgrades, and cleaning the outdoor unit throughout the season. Here are some must-do winter AC maintenance tasks to ensure you do not have problems when spring arrives:

1. Winterizing Your AC To Protect It From The Cold Weather This Year

Winterizing your AC is one of the most important things to do to protect against cold weather. This should include cleaning the system, clearing drain lines, and insulating components that are exposed to outdoor weather. Winterizing your AC unit will help reduce wear and protect it from damage during winter storms.

2. Cleaning the Outdoor Unit To Ensure It Is Not Damaged

The outdoor unit is a component of your system that can be damaged by debris from trees and winter weather. Before the start of winter, clean the unit and remove any debris that has collected inside. In addition, you will want to make sure to remove snowfall and ice after any winter storms throughout the cold season.

3. Changing Filters And Servicing Your HVAC To Prevent Winter Problems

Over the winter months, you will need to routinely change filters for your heating. This is something that also needs to be done for the AC. On some systems, heating and AC have separate filters that should also be changed before you change to one or the other. Make sure you change air filters routinely to reduce wear and improve the efficiency of your system.

4. Dewinterizing And Preparing Your AC Before Summer Weather Arrives

Dewinterizing is another task that needs to be done in spring before summer weather arrives. You want to undo everything that you have done to winterize your AC over the winter months. This means removing covers, unplugging drain lines, and removing any components that you insulated to protect them from the cold weather. Do these things before you start your AC to ensure you do not have problems.

These are some must-do winter maintenance tasks to ensure you do not have problems when spring arrives. If you want to have a problem with your AC, contact an air conditioning repair service to have them help with repairs and upgrades over the winter months. 

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