Use A Septic Tank And Well Water? 3 Things To Consider

Use A Septic Tank And Well Water? 3 Things To Consider

13 October 2018
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If you are using a septic tank because you are not connected to your city's local sewer system, chances are that you also use well water in your home. Here is what you need to know when you have both a septic tank and use well water, which will help ensure that the well water will always be safe for drinking.

Know About Well Water Contamination

Your number one concern when you use a septic tank and well water should be contamination, since you do not want the septic tank leaking and contaminating your drinking water. That's why it's important to do regular checks of the quality of the well water to verify that it is still safe for drinking. Being able to compare test results will tell you if contamination is slowly happening to the water supply.

The best way to prevent contamination from happening is to place the septic tank and well as far as way as possible on your property. It will require professional help to ensure that the septic tank drain field does not flow into the water supply used by the well.

Consider Drainage Barriers

When you are unable to separate the septic tank and the well very far away, you should consider having a drainage barrier installed. This will help ensure that the waste water from the septic tank stays away from the well water. It also provides protection when septic tank waste is likely to contaminate the well water, such as after a heavy rain storm when the ground is very saturated. The drainage barrier also will protect nearby animals that may be drinking from water in a stream close to the septic tank.

Use A Water Filtration System

It's a great idea to process the water before it goes into your home so that it is sanitized. You can do this by installing a whole home water filtration system, which will ensure that bacteria has been removed from the water before it enters any of your faucets. You can compare the water quality from the well before it enters your home and after it is processed to ensure that the filtration system is doing a good job.

Need help performing tests or modifying the septic system for your house? Reach out to a local septic system service company for assistance. They'll ensure that the two systems are not interfering with each other and you have safe drinking water.

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