How To Deal With A Toilet Clog

How To Deal With A Toilet Clog

13 October 2018
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Have a toilet in your home that is not flushing? If so, here are three ways that you could get the water flowing away through drain cleaning.

A Plunger

While it may seem obvious to use a plunger, there are so many things that can be done incorrectly that will make you think a plunger is not working. It starts by having the correct plunger on hand to clear the clog. You may be familiar with the cup plunger, which as the name implies, has a wide cup that goes over the drain. Unfortunately, a cup plunger is not ideal for the odd shape of a toilet.

What you actually want is a flange plunger, which has a cup on the bottom that is designed to fit around the small opening of your toilet. The flange helps direct the pressure created from the plunger down the drain instead of splashing back towards you. The flange also helps create a better seal, which will help the plunger be more effective at clearing the clog.

A Sewer Snake

If your plunger is not doing the trick, you should move on to using a sewer snake, also known as an auger. It has a cable that extends from the base with a small claw attached to the end of it. You feed the claw into your toilet drain, and you rotate the claw by turning the crank located on the base. You'll likely run into the clog when the cable can no longer feed itself down the drain, which means it is time to start rotating. If the snake does it's job as intended, the water should start to flow out from the drain or the snake will continue moving forward to the next clog in the pipe.

It helps to pull the snake back up from time to time and give the toilet a flush to see if that cleared the drain. You can also try the plunger again after the clog has been broken up with the snake.

A Plumber

When you can't seem to unclog a toilet on your own, you'll need to reach out to a professional for help. They can attack the clog with a more powerful snake that will spin faster than the one you manually spin with your hand, or use tools to blow air down the drain and break up what is down there. With their help, you'll get that toilet flushing once again.

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