Prevent Septic Line Freeze This Year

Prevent Septic Line Freeze This Year

12 October 2018
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Did you have trouble with your septic system pipes freezing up last winter? If so, it's time to get to work to prevent the same freezing problems from occurring again this year. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you protect your septic system from freezing temperatures this year.

Know the System

Do you know where all of the components of the septic system are located on your property? If you've never mapped out where all of the lines are running, where the holding tanks are, and where the pipes across the sand-mound run, you need to get out there and start mapping. Knowing where everything is located is part of your responsibility as a homeowner and will save you a lot of grief if something ever goes wrong.

Target the Freeze-Location

If you know where the line froze last year, that's a good starting point. You know that this is one pipe that is not buried deep enough.

To insulate the pipes, you need to add some soil or mulch to the surface. A few inches of material on top of the piping is all that should be needed to protect it from freezing temperatures this year. 

Eliminate Run-Off Water

If there is water running off of the driveway, the house, or elsewhere, you need to prevent it from running off into the area where the septic pipes are located. When the ground is saturated with water over and over again, it can contribute to the decreased amount of soil covering the septic pipes.

Clear out the gutters and downspouts. Check the downspout drains to ensure that they are carrying the water away from the house and away from the septic system.

Add a bumper to the side of your driveway if the run-off is coming from the driveway. The bumper should be high enough to guide the water away from the area. Just make sure that you're not directing the water into your home – additional drains may need to be installed if that's the case.

Talk with your local plumbing professional to learn more about what you can do to prevent any freezing problems with your septic system this year and to learn about any other plumbing assistance they can offer to prevent problems. A one-time occurrence of septic freeze is more than enough for any homeowner – plan now to prevent the mess from happening again this year and every year that follows.

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