Creative Uses For Greywater Around Your Home

Creative Uses For Greywater Around Your Home

9 October 2018
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If you are concerned about water conservation, you may be taking steps to alter your plumbing in ways that help you do it. While many people use low-flow fixtures or rain barrels that collect water, you can also have a greywater system installed in your home. This system will collect and filter water that is normally wasted from things like washing your clothes or washing your hands, and then uses it in other ways that do not require water that is 100% clean. Here are a few creative uses for water collected in a greywater system.

Outdoor Use

One way that you can use grey water is to direct it to a faucet outside your home. This water can then be used for purposes that would otherwise seem wasteful, such as watering your grass or your flowers. If you want to do this, you will need to change up the chemicals that you put down drains that collect grey water. For example, if you are diverting water from a washing machine, you will want to avoid using bleach to clean your clothes. Switch over to using all-natural cleaning products, which do not use those harsh chemicals.

While grey water could be used in a system that is as simple as diverting water to a drum that collects the water, some people decide to take it a bit further with an irrigation system. Since you do not want to hold onto grey water for very long, you can automatically have it go to places like the soil beneath flower beds so that you do not have to water them on your own.

Indoor Use

Another option is to collect the water for indoor use. Since grey water can potentially have bacteria in it, you will not want to use the water in any place that could be used for drinking water. For example, you can divert your grey water to be used with your toilets, so you are not wasting clean water every time you flush the toilets in your house. If your home uses a geothermal or radiant heat system, grey water can be used in those since it will never be consumed.

If you feel like you want to change the way that you use water in your home, speak to a local area plumber. They can help install a greywater plumbing system so that you can stop wasting water on a daily basis.

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