3 Reasons You Must Check The Sewer Line Before Closing On Your Dream Home

3 Reasons You Must Check The Sewer Line Before Closing On Your Dream Home

6 October 2018
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Are you getting ready to purchase your first home? Have you been doing research and are now fairly certain that you know exactly what you need to do to choose the right house for you and your family? The home buying process can be convoluted and confusing at times, which is why it is extremely easy to overlook something that could otherwise be considered to be vital to the process. One such thing is to make sure to get the home's septic or sewer line checked out before making any final decisions. While this might seem like a minor aspect, there are a number of reasons why you need to do this, some of which include:

Outdated pipes: If you go to a hardware or home improvement store, you may notice that most (if not all) modern pipes that are available nearby and that are labeled as being for sewer lines are made of PVC. But this hasn't always been the case. In the past, companies offering sewer services have used things like clay, cast iron, and even heavy-duty cardboard covered with tar. Under ideal conditions, these pipes can last for many decades. But once they start to fail, they can do so quickly and with little warning unless you regularly have a camera inspection performed on the sewer line.

Clogs: There are many things that you should never flush down the drain, including paper towels, cat litter, and deep fryer oil. Unfortunately, many people ignore these warnings and put all sorts of things down their kitchen sink and their toilet. These things can then get lodged in the sewer line, attaching to other bits of debris, until you have a serious blockage in place. Since you can't know whether the previous owners were careful or if they have put random things down the drain, you should get a sewer services company to check for blockages before you actually buy the house.

Roots: Large bushes and trees absolutely adore sewer lines. Raw sewage is full of moisture and nutrients that a plant needs to survive. Even the tiniest crack can allow some of this liquid to seep into the surrounding soil, attracting the roots of any nearby plants. These roots may then force their way into the sewer pipe, growing until they are fully blocking the line. Cleaning out root blockages is one of the most common sewer services that companies can offer because it is an issue that can plague so many homes. It's not necessarily a reason to turn down the purchase of an otherwise nice home, but it is a situation that you should be aware of before signing any papers.

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