Your New Septic System Needs Special Treatment

Your New Septic System Needs Special Treatment

3 October 2018
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If you have always been on a sewer system and have now found yourself living in a home on septic, then you have plenty of learning to do. A septic system is much different than sewer and you have a lot of things to learn about making sure you keep your septic system in good condition, so you can avoid some troublesome and costly issues. Here are some important things you are going to want to remember:

Plant grass over your septic tank's field

While you may have been able to do whatever you wanted on your entire property before, now you have an area of the property to watch out for. You want to keep the septic tank's field free of heavy equipment and heavy traffic. A good way for you to protect this area is to grow some luscious grass over top of it. Planting grass there is also beneficial because it helps to keep the soil loose and aerated, which is good for the system.

Cut back on your water usage

Cutting back on your water usage will give you the added benefit of enjoying lower water bills. However, it will also help you with regards to your septic tank as well. You will find you need to have it pumped less frequently when you aren't dumping as much water into it.

Watch what you flush

You may know that flushing anything down the toilet that isn't human excrement or toilet paper is a no-no, but you may have also got away with it when you were on a sewer system and the biggest issue you suffered may have been the occasional use of the plunger. However, now that you are on septic, flushing those things can cause you to deal with worse issues. Those items will go in the septic tank where they can cause it to fill up faster, and they can throw off its healthy bacteria, causing the need for the system to need a cleaning.

Don't use a garbage disposal even if you have one

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you may want to keep it unplugged so no one gets in the habit of using it. Using the garbage disposal will promote people to put things into the septic tank that shouldn't go into it, such as bits of foods and even small traces of greases and oils that can be very bad to the system.

Contact a septic tank service for more information.

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