Do You Own A Pet? 4 Tips To Keep Your Plumbing In Shape And Your Pet Safe

Do You Own A Pet? 4 Tips To Keep Your Plumbing In Shape And Your Pet Safe

3 October 2018
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If you have a furry little friend that lives inside your home, you probably haven't given much thought to the connection between your pet and your home's plumbing. However, the two can affect one another—and it can be in a negative way. So, as a pet and homeowner, here are a few things that you can do to keep your pet safe and your plumbing in good condition.

1. Use Strainers During Bath Time

When it is time to give your pet a bath, make sure that you either use a strainer or stopper to ensure that your pet's hair doesn't enter the drain. While there are those rare breeds out there that do not shed, most animals shed hair—especially during bath time. And, of course, some breeds of animals will shed more than others. By opting for a stopper or strainer over the drain, you will be protecting your drain and preventing potential clogs.

2. Keep the Toilet Lid Closed

Many animals, such as dogs and cats, will be caught drinking the water out of the toilet bowl. Gross, right? Well, it's also dangerous because the toilet bowl could contain residue left behind from chemicals and cleaners used from cleaning the toilet, which are harmful for your pet to ingest.

The best way to prevent your pet from drinking out of the toilet bowl is for everyone in the household to simply get into the habit of closing the lid after each use. Keep in mind that one reason that pets drink out of the toilet bowl is because they are thirsty, so keep an eye on their water bowl on a regular basis and ensure that it is full.

3. Don't Flush Cat Litter Down the Toilet

There are many things that do not belong down the toilet, and when you flush those things, it can cause a clog. One thing that should be flushed down the toilet is cat litter—even if it is says on the cat littler bag that it is flushable. The only two things that should go down the toilet are toilet paper and waste.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Dog Digging in the Backyard

Dogs love to dig, but your water and sewer lines are underground. Generally, these plumbing lines will be far enough underground that your dog won't get anywhere near them. However, there are instances where your water and sewer lines may not have been installed very deep—possibly 18 inches or so beneath ground. In these cases, it is possible that your dog will dig deep enough to reach the plumbing lines and potentially put a hole in one of the lines. So, just keep an eye on how deep your dog is digging to prevent a plumbing leak or you may need to call a plumbing repair service.

For more information on keeping your plumbing in shape as a pet owner, contact plumbing companies like Quality Plumbing.

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