Plumbing Problems You Should Call An Emergency Plumber For

Plumbing Problems You Should Call An Emergency Plumber For

2 October 2018
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Some plumbing problems are small and manageable. There are others that you can always postpone until the following day or perhaps until you're able to fit the repairs into your budget. However, you can't do this with every plumbing issue.

There are some plumbing issues that can escalate very quickly, and there are others that can cause a lot of damage to your property if given enough time. In such cases, you should always get on your phone and have a plumber look into the issue as soon as possible.


Flooding doesn't always mean that your home is underwater. There are plenty of situations that qualify as flooding around the home. Rooms such as the basement are especially susceptible to flooding since they are the lowest sections of the house.

A basement can flood for reasons such as rainwater seeping in after a downpour, a burst pipe or a sewer backup. Flooding can cause a lot of damage to items in your home and also to the structure of your home. This is one of those problems where you should call a professional immediately.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can lead to flooding, but even when they don't you should still have an expert fix the problem as quickly as possible. Unlike the slowly leaking pipe, a burst pipe can be discharging a lot of gallons of fresh water or wastewater every minute.

Burst water pipes can cause a lot of damage to appliances, equipment, lawns and house structures in a short amount of time.

Frozen Pipes

If you notice that you have frozen pipes during winter and they haven't burst yet, you're in luck. This is because you still have those few precious moments which you can use to call an expert over to handle the problem before it becomes considerably worse. If you delay the call by even a few minutes, it may be too late to prevent the pipe from bursting,

Sewer Backup

An overflowing toilet is a good enough reason to call the emergency number. However, a sewer backup is a much more serious problem. A sewer backup can have your basement and other parts of your home flooded with foul water in a very short amount of time. This can ruin much of your home, and you should have a plumber identify the cause of the problem as quickly as possible. This is especially important if the cause of the problem lies with the main sewer.

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