What To Do With A Septic System

What To Do With A Septic System

5 October 2018
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Living in a house with a septic system can be a challenge for someone who has never experienced it before. There are many steps that you can and should take when dealing with a septic tank system. Learn about some of the things you should do when you have a septic tank system. Then you can start taking these important steps as soon as possible.

Use Water Conservatively

One of the things you want to do when you have a septic tank system is to use your water conservatively. For example, you should not run a load of laundry that isn't full or a load of dishes in a half-filled dishwasher. Doing so will cause you to use more water overall and fill your septic tank faster. This could cause problems with how full your septic tank gets and mean that you need to get the tank cleaned out and drained more often than you would otherwise.

Use Low-Flow Shower Heads and Toilets

Along the same line of thought, you will want to take steps in your bathrooms to use less water as well. While you cannot help how often the toilet is used and cannot necessarily skip showers to save water, you can make sure that these processes use less water overall.

Try installing low-flow shower heads and toilets in all of your bathrooms. Using a low-flow showerhead can cut down significantly on water waste in the shower without making your showers any less enjoyable. Similarly, toilets that are low-flow use less water in the bowl per use and often have smaller tanks, which help to cut down on water use.

Find Out Where Your Tank Is and Keep Heavy Items Away

Find out where exactly on your property your septic tank is located. It can be helpful when you do this to somehow mark the area. Put mid-sized stones on each corner of where the tank lies, for example. Alternatively, you could put up flags around the area.

Once you know where your septic tank is located, you can take care to keep heavy items away from it. Do not use the ground above your tank as a storage area for extra cars or an RV. Try to keep it as clear as possible.

If there are large trees near your septic tank, these should also be cleared. The tree itself can put weight and pressure on your septic tank. Additionally, the roots can do serious damage as well, even blocking or damaging drain pipes and puncturing the tank itself.

Now that you know some of the things you should do when you have a septic system, you can get started immediately. Talk to a professional to learn more about your home's plumbing system.

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